Friday, March 8, 2013

How do you find what you are passionate about? – Part 4

Here I am back on the topic of finding your passion - till now I have shared three questions that should help you get some ideas about what you are passionate about. These were:

  1. What are the various things you are or were  passionate about 
  2. Go back and list the moments in the past when you experienced a sense of flow; and
  3. Explore the four aims of life

I hope you have found a time slot, when you are at your introspective best. For me it is early in the morning – before dawn – when I feel fresh and I spend time reading, writing, thinking and planning. For some people, their time slot is late at night -when everyone has gone to sleep – and they can relax and introspect.  I hope you have a similiar time slot.
When you do this, it is best to have a pen and paper with you - jot down thoughts that come to you – and you will get answers to some of the questions listed above.

So here is the fourth set of questions that you can think about –

  • What are you naturally good at?
  • What do people typically ask you for help in?
  • If you had to teach something – what would you teach?

Try noting down answers to these questions – it will help you figure out what you are passionate about