Friday, March 29, 2013

For the 2013 MBA batch

Here are some thoughts for my outgoing MBA students who are transitioning from college to corporate career this weekend

· Once you leave your college and get into the job, no one would really care how much you scored in your college.

· It is good to be having “potential” in college days – but beyond that, you will need to be “doing” something.

· Seek out grass root experience – collar soiling, shoe wearing work – experience the true nature of work and the dignity of labour early in career -  before you aim for the cabin

· Hard work does not equate to success and growth –“getting results” equates to success and growth – so focus on getting results and not the effort that you put in.

· Deserve before you desire – responsibilities, postings, promotions will all come to you – but remember – deserve before you desire

· In most companies, it is pretty easy to stand out from the crowd – most people in every company are focussed on “what is in it for them” – all you need to do is to focus on “what you are contributing to the company” and you will be standing out

· Play to win – but with fairness.

· If you are clear what you want out of life – it is not all that difficult to get it – the key is “knowing what you want out of life”.

· If something truly matters to you – you will find a way to get it

· Remember there is always more than one way to accomplish something – actually, there are many ways.

· You do not have to live your life the way the world wants you to – you can live on your own terms