Sunday, February 17, 2013

How do you find what you are passionate about? – Part 2

In my last note, I had shared one of the ways to start answering this question. I spoke about making a list of ten possible passions and picking the top five - examples here could be music, teaching, jogging, cycling, cricket, travelling etc

I also talked about makeing a list of ten possible values (that matter to you) and picking the top five– examples here could be honesty, integrity, excellence, respect for others, helping others, etc

If you have gone through this exercise given above, then I would like you to think of “flow states” today.

Flow states occur when your mind is so occupied in the activity that you lose a sense of time and space. There must be instances in the past when you were so involved with some activity that time flew past – you were not hungry, you did not feel tired after the task - infact you felt elated. These are flow states.  When you were in the flow state, you were loving what you were doing.
So here is the task – take a pen and paper and sit in a comfortable place and switch off all distractions and introspect – spend time going back to all your good memories – list out the various times when time just flew by – when you were in a flow state – ask the three questions given below and keep noting down your answers.

List the moments in the past where you experienced a sense of “flow”?

What activity gave you flow?

What passion or purpose does this point to?

Thinking about your past flow states is not all that difficult - these are moments that you surely remember with a smile on your face– these are good memories.  
The list made by this exercise would  point you to your likely passion and purpose.
My next few blog posts will list out further questions that would help you figure out what you are passionate about