Friday, February 15, 2013

Finding your passion and purpose -part 1

There is lot of stuff being written about money and investing and I would like to change gears and direction a bit.

The question I would like to ask my readers is that if you have enough financial security to retire in your 30’s or 40’s, how would you spend your remaining life?

What would you do from 6 am till 10 pm daily if you did not have to really go to work?

To paraphrase it differently - what are you passionate about? what is it that you wouild love to do 12 hours a day and not feel tired? What drives you?

These are questions that are easy to ask – but difficult to answer.

I believe that finding your passion is not a “nice to know” thing – it is a strategic requisite as you move towards financial independence.

In my case, it is this dream of living my life by doing what I am passionate about,  that drove me towards financial independence and now I am doing what I am passionate about - I teach.

 If you can find your passion, then you will be driven towards financial independence.

So here is the question – how do you find what you are passionate about?

In the coming weeks, I will share a few pointers , a few questions, a few templates. Take some time off to introspect on the questions that I ask  - write down the answers– keep your notes safe – revisit them as often as you like. 
As you follow my blog for the next few weeks -  you will get some sense of what you are passionate about – hopefully.

So here is the starting pointer - Do not look for one passion.

Each one of us has a variety of passions within us –you will have a number of dreams. You may want to be a rock star and a farmer and also be a world traveller. You may love science fiction too. So do not restrict yourself to just one passion.  Each one of us is passionate about multiple things.
Also, do not try to define your end goal –try to define your direction, your values instead of goals.

So here is the first template:

Make a list of ten possible passions - of these ten; put a star against those five that seem to resonate most powerfully with you.

Make a list of ten possible values that matter to you - of these ten, put a star against those five that seem to resonate most powerfully with you.

Here is a short video that I would like you to see -