Monday, September 15, 2014

It is time to move on

When I started this blog in Sept 2010, I had one target audience – my MBA students.

Slowly the target audience changed to my current students and my ex-students.

Then came the book and the target audience changed to my ex-students and my readers.

Now there are hundreds of people who read this blog daily – and they are from all parts of the globe.

The blog now now has a lot of investing ideas. And with this increase in content, I am seeing issues of scalability.

Quite a few people have told me that this blog is difficult to navigate and good ideas are lost to the first time visitor. Plus it does not have the look and feel. It is too bland – no colour, no visuals. 

Keeping this feedback in mind – we are moving on to newer website - here is the link -

Our effort has been to better organise the investing ideas so that you can navigate with ease.

For all those who have registered in my blog, you do not have to register again. And if you have not registered, then please do register – that way you will not miss any ideas.

Please spend time browsing around -may be you will discover investing ideas that you missed.

 I would appreciate your feedback and suggestions for further improvement.