Tuesday, March 4, 2014

When to sell Noida Toll Bridge

Selling a stock is trickier than buying a stock.
There are no clear guidelines.
And so here are my thoughts on Noida Toll bridge exit.
If you have bought the stock at Rs 22 or below in the past week – you have already earned a Rs. 1.5 dividend that is tax free (6.8% tax free returns on a purchase price of Rs. 22). 
For getting this dividend, you will need to stay invested till March 15th.

The key question now is - Will the share price go up to around Rs 25- 30 keeping in mind that the dividend payout now is Rs 1.5 and not Rs. 1?

Well I believe it will happen – just give it time. 
I would recommend that you give it three weeks (at least till 20th March) and then take your call. This is where the market may act logical (and give it a price of Rs 30) or may act illogical (and stay at around Rs 20-22). So we need to be patient and watchful.

I will anyway share when I am selling this stock.