Thursday, January 24, 2013

The first chapter of my book - "Welcome to the wealth journey"

Welcome aboard – and thank you for joining me on this “wealth journey”.

We all started our wealth journey the day we were born and this journey will continue with us throughout our life.

As of now, we are co travellers. Through this book I want to help you reach your wealth destination faster. As we travel together, I hope to share with you some ideas that have worked for me and for others, who have been successful in reaching their wealth destination.

Unlike other journeys, in wealth journey, we all start at different starting points and we all travel different distances during our lifetime.

Those born rich start this wealth journey ahead of others.

And those who travel a greater distance end up amassing greater amount of wealth than others.

Needless to say, we all want to travel a greater distance – we all want to “get rich”.

This book is about “you” getting rich.  

As we start our journey together, I would like to start by posing two very basic questions to you:

·       Can you define your destination in this wealth journey?

All of us recognise the fact that without a destination, you may reach nowhere.

You do not start from your home saying “I am not sure where I am going - but I am going somewhere”.

When you leave your home, you normally have a clear destination in mind. For example, you may say “I want to go to my office which is located at the following address:____ .”

However, in the case of our wealth journey, most of us define our destination as “becoming rich”.

But do we have a clear definition of this word “rich”?

No. We all have some idea of what “rich” is – but as you will find out in this book, our definition of rich is not clear enough. It is hazy at best.

It is like saying “I want to go to my office – and I know the general locality where the office is, but I do not have the exact address”.

Most of us take this wealth journey without a precise definition of this concept called “rich”.

·       Once you have clarity about the destination (becoming rich) – do you have a plan on how you will reach this destination?

If you need to be in your office by 9 am, you tell yourself - “I would need to leave my home by 8.15 am latest as the driving time is 35 minutes and I need to have a 10 minute buffer for any unforeseen issues”.

If you are not driving but are walking or going by a cycle, you will need to plan for more travel time. May be there is a different walking or cycling route that you will take.

Same way, in your wealth journey, once you have decided your destination and the timeline of reaching it, you will need to figure out the “most suitable means”.  You could reach the destination of “getting rich” by earning more, or by saving more or by investing in fixed deposits or PPF or company deposits or by investing through stocks or mutual funds etc.  There are many options to get to your destination and if you chose the wrong option, you may not reach your destination at all.

We inherently know the power of a good plan.  But most of us do not make a “financial plan to get rich” because we do not know how to make one. Actually it is not the financial planning that is difficult; we do not know how to get rich. In this book, I will share my ideas on how you can make a long term financial plan that will guide you to become rich.

A major part of this book is devoted to the various paths (investment options) you can take to get rich – it will help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of these investment options. Some investment options would make sense to you more than others. Chose whichever options you are more comfortable with to reach your destination.

You can go to your office by car or by cycle or by walk – the effort and time taken may be different – but you can choose what suits you.

All the rich people that I know of, have figured out their personal answers to the two questions listed above. The day you figure out your answers to these questions, you will be well on your way to getting rich.

Getting rich is not all that difficult.

Getting rich is a result of you clearly defining what rich means to you, making a financial plan for getting rich, figuring out the investment options that suit you, implementing the plan and finally reaching the destination.

As you go through this book, you will see that the rich do things differently from the rest and if you can understand these differences, you will start attracting and amassing wealth.

You will also see that wealth building is a “long term game played daily”.  You do not go to a gym for a week and expect to be fit for the rest of your life. If you want to be fit for the rest of your life, you need to exercise daily.

Same way, you do not become rich with a seven day “get rich” program – getting rich is a lifelong affair. To get rich, you need to make a 20-40 year financial plan and stay on course. You need to change the way you think about wealth. In that sense, through this book, we will be co passengers for a real long time.

So welcome aboard again and I wish you a great journey ahead.