Monday, September 10, 2012

Knowledge has value only if it is shared

As a faculty, I have learnt to take life trimester by trimester. This is my eighth trimester as a faculty and just like the prior seven trimesters, I am looking forward to the starting of the new session. This trimester is also special as I am teaching Wealth Management. This subject is close to my heart.  I learnt it by actually doing it. It comes to me naturally.  I know that I am good at it and I know that my students too like these sessions.

Even though the course is designed to prepare students for a career in Wealth management, I am also teaching them “how to become rich”. After all as MBA students, they are all a privileged lot - the top 1% of the population in their age group in India. They will have many opportunities post their MBA and I surely think each one should become a High Net worth Individual (HNI) over the next 10 years. That is what I am aiming to teach – “How to become rich”.  

This trimester I intend to put my content on my blog with every session – most probably every Thursday. The blog will carry the key points discussed and there will be a link to the ppt that I used in the session. This is for those who are not in the campus and still want to follow the sessions.

For those who are in the campus but are not part of my class, you are welcome to join us. I have sessions in Kengeri campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 till 1 pm and in the city campus on Wednesdays from (I think) 8.30 am till 11.30 am.

I hope that this works for you and that you will be a co traveller with me in the wealth journey.
I am interested to find out your feedback on the content – whether you agree with what I am saying or not -  So please do pen your comments on my blog or you can send me a message through FB or gmail. Also request that you register your mail id on my blog –it is on the right hand side  -a box called "follow by email" -  that way my updates will reach you automatically every week.